ABOUT Daniel

I remember looking at the first professional camera I had just bought and it dawned upon me that it was absolutely useless until I picked it up and learned how to capture great images with it. The forest was the first place I started.

A forest is not a great place to start for it is a place of chaos. It is not a neat and tidy garden. Everything grows as it pleases and in rainy Vancouver it grows with a vengeance. Where do I begin to aim my camera midst all this confusion? Where was I to focus my attention?

I quickly learned that the light captured my attention and making that my focus seemed to bring order to everything else in the image. The towering trees looked even more majestic. The clutter on the forest floor was part of the picture and not something that needed to be cleaned up The delicate foliage seemed content. I didn't have to try to  change anything. 

One thing that hindered me as a photographer for years was this belief that I had to be a wedding photographer, or a family photographer, or a a dog photographer. It wasn't good business practice to be a "jack or all trades". So I cleaned up the clutter of thousands of my images and showed them to no one. Now my forest had one tree left standing...one genre of photography and not much light.

The light for me was when I decided to be totally walk in  freedom and post all the genres of photography I was drawn to.. Yes, my website might seem like a clutter of all sorts of images but I now photograph in the freedom I was created to walk in.


So now you have met a bit of me. I hope to connect with you . Please visit my contact page to reach out to me.